A Word In Your Ear

Our Sam is Artist-in-Residence at the Town Hall Symphony Hall Birmingham (THSH). It’s a pretty bold step for all involved and it has been interesting seeing how things have developed so far. It was their Board Meeting last month and we presented a piece as an introduction to Sam’s work at THSH.

We took an idea that Sam had used in some of his Sonic Graffiti before and developed it based on an idea David had to make it more “human”. It’s a box through which you can record a message for the next person; the idea being that you listen to the previous message, spoken via the mouth, and then record your own message, via the ear – then pass it on.

David came up with the idea for the form shown in the picture above and Sam came up with just the person to make it. That’s how stuff generally works at MortonUnderwood, greater than the sum of the parts.

Here’s a blog post on this and some of Sam’s other exploits this month at THSH, oh and here daft little demo of the piece in action:

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