Field Augmentation - cover image

Field Augmentation – cover image

A short while ago we posted a video, entitled Making “The Bells”. This documents the recording of one piece from our debut release on RHP, which is out now and available to purchase here.

We are pleased with the result and wanted to present another example with an outline of how it came about.

Castlemorton, Sam Underwood
A drone piece built from just one sound: the rave signature “Hoover sound”. Recorded at the site of a notorious rave, which led to the introduction of the Criminal Justice Bill.

On this debut release by MortonUnderwood recorded sounds are introduced into to an existing soundscape through a battery-powered amplifier. The final pieces are field recordings of these “augmented soundscapes” in which post-production is limited to topping and tailing, adjusting levels and equalisation.

There are six tracks, three from David Morton and three from Sam Underwood. The total running time is around 47 minutes.

We found the process and results rewarding and hope this will be the first of a series. This release is limited to 50 handmade copies on CDr, in a distinctive A5 package. Details on the release and the basis of each track are contained within. These are selling so if you want a copy, GO!

We hope you enjoy it.

Field Augmentation - packkage

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