Note: production blogs are not pretty, they are just intended to document the production process

To celebrate 10 fantastic years of Supersonic Festival, MortonUnderwood created ten hand-painted, dual oscillator noise boxes in the Supersonic colours. Here is a brief production blog to show you the stages we went through…but first, the results:

1. Capsule selected ten artists to paint the noise boxes, while I bought in the parts and prepared the boxes.




Black coat

2. Then we got the paints, wrote some instructions and sent one box to each of the following artists:

An Endless Supply
Ben Javens
Ben Sadler
Conny Prantera
David Hand
Richard Sayer
Sarah Coleman
Simon Fowler
Stephen O’Malley
Tom Hughes

Boxing them up

Ready to post

3. Whilst they were away being beautified, David set about building the circuits. Cunningly I took no photographs of this stage but this is where he sat to do it.

(Clean) Workshop

4. On their return they were lacquered and then we set about putting the insides in…


On the bench

Insides inside

5. If we do say so ourselves, the final ten noise boxes looked (and sounded) great!


These were exhibited at the festival and will soon be auctioned by Capsule. They come with a lifetime (send it back to us if anything breaks and we’ll fix it for free) guarantee!

Oh and through our contact with Stephen O’Malley as part of this project, we built him a BIGBOY version of one of our Austerity Synths, which are detailed here.

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