To accompany the lovely hand-painted synths we gave to Supersonic Festival as a 10th birthday present (see production blog here), we created a new range of special Austerity Synths. These were produced in support of all those that face prejudice and cuts at this time and are intended to provide the best possible value. Thier cost is based on the total of the parts and the time to build them at the national minimum wage. They all sold on the first day at Supersonic. More can be bought but we can’t afford to produce them forever 😉 Here is what they look like:

MortonUnderwood Austerity Synths

Unfortunately, we can’t show you what they sound like at this stage as we didn’t have time to do a video but here are two famous people with / using them:

Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))) with his MortonUnderwood Austerity Synth and ORE merchandise

KK NULL using a MortonUnderwood Austerity Synth
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