We are delighted to announce that our sound installation Amplification is currently included in the All Ears exhibition at Millennium Point in Birmingham. In association with Supersonic and funded by Arts Council England and Lintstock. We are very grateful for the support!

Here is the blurb:

Amplification is a stereo acoustic amplification system, developed to encourage deep listening to environmental sounds within a space. Users of the system will augment their listening through two large ear trumpets. In addition, they will be able to adjust the stereo field of what they can hear by swivelling each horn; creating a distinctive and unusual listening experience.

During their time exploring the collection at the Birmingham Museums Trust, MortonUnderwood was struck by the efforts made by developers of the music boxes, gramophones and orchestrions in the collection to amplify the sound output. In a world where we can easily dial in more electronic amplification, many of the innovative approaches seen in the collection are now obsolete. Through Amplification MortonUnderwood hope to highlight the beauty of passive, acoustic amplification systems.

Do go and have a look/listen…

Oh and if you like the look of this project, it fits in our van and is ready to tour! Please email if interested.

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